Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Here is a partial list of faculty members, more updates coming soon!


a highly experienced professional academician, researcher, consultant and trainer since 1990 in association with renowned international and local organizations in various disciplines like Management, Mind Management, One Minute Management, Time Management, Thinking Skills-Learning etc.

He started his career as a Professor/Researcher in 1978 and continues as the Major Research Project, Principal Investigator-Learning Expert,University Grants Commission, Government of India. Currently, Member,QCI, Government of India.

Dr. Fadipe

Dr. Fadipe is a progressive educator, drawing from years of experience working in higher education and vocational teaching, both in traditional face-to-face settings and in distance learning programs. Her expertise extends to politics, international relations, human rights, security issues, strategic partnerships, diplomacy, sovereignty, and transnationalism.

Fadipe accomplished his PhD in Mathematics from the Michigan State University.


Dr. Venugopal brings more than 10 years of professional management and business experience to his position. A former tenured professor in many colleges he has taught Post Graduate classes in Management Information Systems, and International Business. Dr. Venugopal published a number of research papers in customer satisfaction issues.

As a faculty member, Dr.Venugopal shares his experiences and expertise with students.


Dr.Thangaraja graduated from Maduari Kamaraj University with a Doctor of Science in Botany degree specializing in Genetics.He holds a Master of Technology degree in Biotechnology and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Botany.

Dr. Bagul Dhananjay Bhaskarrao

Dr . Bagul Dhananjay Bhaskarrao has many years of professional experience spanning different industries. His current interests and research relates to the long term impacts of failures in information security on the global economy. He graduated from University of Pune with a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resources Management.

Dr. S Ranganathan

Dr. S Ranganathan obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Microbilogy from University of Madras. Started career as post–doctoral fellow at the Centre for Biotechnology, SPIC Science Foundation in 1996 (1996-1999) and later join an academic institution in Chennai as Lecturer. During the post-doctoral research, involved in developing and conducting clinical trial of various natural compounds for different skin ailments in the Department of Dermatology, Madras Medical College, Chennai. After 3 year of teaching career (1999-2002) joined the R&D of MESO, a 100% EOU as Scientist based at Chennai.


Dr.M.A.Dorairangaswamy has graduated with Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science from Magadh University. Memberships:

Member of IEEE, IEEE-WIE, ISTE (Life member), IETE (Fellow member), IACSIT (senior member) Member of K3 Club – Kanini Kalvi Kalanjium - Master Trainer

Prof. Dr. Alavi Kunhu Panthakkan

Prof. Dr. Alavi Kunhu Panthakkan obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Electronics Engineering from Khlaifa University of Science Technology and Research, UAE. He is a member of many professional Bodies:

Dr. S.Anbu Karuppusamy

Dr. S.Anbu Karuppusamy is a professor with variety of teaching and learning experiences. He graduated in Doctor of Philosophy in Information & Communication Engineering.


Dr.V.V.Karthikeyan has got his Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering from Anna University. He has written and published several research papers in national and international level.


Dr.M.S.Geetha has graduated her Doctor of Philosophy in Education.She has got several years of experience in teaching and also in writing and publishing research papers in national and international level.


Prof.Dr.V.S.Shanmughanaathan has obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from Bharathiar University.He served as administrator, professor in many well known educational institutions and has tremendous experience in research.

Dr.Chandrakant Naikodi

Dr.Chandrakant Naikodi has graduated his Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore University.He is the author of several research paers in the subject in national and international level.

Dr.Priyanka P.V

Dr.Priyanka P.V has graduated from Jain University Bangalore with Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

Dr.Vishal Jain,

Dr.Vishal Jain has obtained his Doctor of Philosophy from Lingaya's University with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering.


Dr.S.Sreejana has obtained her Doctor of Philosophy in English Language Teaching from Anna University.She has written a number of research papers in national level and international level.

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